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-X Group Catering is Now Exclusively using Schedulehead to schedule front of house catering employees

-You can download the app for Android or Apple Phones

The app will act as your visual reference point for your schedule for your upcoming shifts.

-You can log in on the computer to see your personal portal.   There you can enter availability, see your upcoming shifts, see available shifts to try to sign up for, request time off, see Catering Blog updates etc.  It is very important that you enter and update your availability!  The system does not allow you to be scheduled if you are not available.   So if you used to not be available on tuesdays but now are, and you never updated your availability, the system will still show you as unavailable.

-Available Upcoming shifts will sometimes be listed before you are actually scheduled.   You can try to sign up for those shifts if you want, they will have to be approved by a manager who will get a message from the app that you would like to work that shift.   You can only sign up for shifts that fit within your approved skill sets.   If you feel like you are ready to be approved for other skill sets, let me know!

-Shifts will have information attached to them regarding location or other notes (out of the ordinary attire etc)

-VERY IMPORTANT!  You will be sent a text and an email for each shift that you are scheduled for- You have 48 hours to confirm that shift or you will drop off and that shift will be open to others.

-There will be an employee star rating system from now on!   Leads from events will be required to rate workers after each event.   Ratings will be based on being on time, being in the correct uniform, being professional, grooming standards, teamwork, and productivity.

The system automatically gives priority for shifts to workers with higher star ratings.    

-If you ever have questions about feedback related to star ratings, talk to a manager and we can walk you through your ratings and what you can do to receive higher ratings!

-We will at times use Scheduleheads Texting capabilities to keep you in touch with information regarding specific events, team meetings, policy changes etc.